Apgarscore, your baby's very first test

Your baby is not even in the world for a minute before it is already subjected to a test. You may have heard of it: the Apgar score. It is for the midwife to check whether your little one is completely fine.

This check is done 3 times immediately after birth. After 1 minute, after 5 and after 10 minutes. Your child is often moved and stimulated to respond. That is normal. Many babies need to get going. The score on the second and third test is therefore often higher.

There are 5 parts to consider:

  • Is your baby breathing and crying powerfully enough?
  • Does it respond well with reflexes to stimuli, such as touch or sound?
  • Does the skin have a healthy colour?
  • Do the muscles move well and are they not slack?
  • Is the heart rate fast enough?
  • Apgar score points

Apgar score points

Your child will receive 0, 1 or 2 points for each part. Where 2 points is the maximum score. Now a birth is quite tough for every child, so you don't have to get 10 points straight away. Most babies score between 7 and 10 points. That's a great, healthy score.


At 4 to 6 points, your little one needs a little help. Oxygen is often compromised during childbirth. Then some extra oxygen may be needed. Or is a heat bed or the incubator necessary.

If the score remains low (0 to 3 points), the pediatrician will be asked to assist. A treatment is then required.

The Apgar score can of course also be determined by the gynaecologist or possibly the pediatrician.



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