The app for parents (-to-be)

The app for parents-to-be and new parents. It contains information about pregnancy, childbirth and your newborn baby throughout its first year. Developed with love and care by hundreds of maternity care professionals. 

BabyManager is reimbursed for three months by your health insurer! Arranged by your maternity care organization.

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You can rely on BabyManager, regardless of which phase you are in.


Are you trying to get pregnant? You (and your partner) probably have a lot of questions. With BabyManager you’ll get useful tips about the preconception phase, and you can easily ask questions to our professionals via chat or video call.


Congratulations, you’re pregnant! From the first week until birth you will receive week-by-week information with useful checklists and videos. You can also join our (live) webinars or one of our courses.



If your baby just came into your life, it can get pretty hectic. BabyManager will be there at all the important moments. Need advice in the middle of the night? Within the app, you can chat or video with one of our passionate maternity care professionals. 24/7.

24/7 contact with experienced maternity care professionals

Ask everything you want. 24/7

The pregnancy and birth of your child is a beautiful, but also exciting time. Do you have questions about maternity week? Do you have problems with feeding your baby, or does your baby not want to sleep properly?

With BabyManager you can connect with experienced maternity care professionals day or night. Ask all of your questions using the chat feature or during a video call.

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Get all the information you need 

Join our webinars or courses, like our live webinar about breastfeeding, or play it back whenever it suits you. Our certified trainers will help you during this special period. Just watch it in the app.


Iedere (toekomstige) ouder verdient de beste start van zijn/haar ouderschap. Daarom willen we gezamenlijk de kraamzorg toegankelijk houden voor iedereen,
Lastig, aangezien wij als sector voor diverse uitdagingen staan. Personeelstekorten gepaard met een wereldwijde pandemie, hebben er bijvoorbeeld voor gezorgd dat de druk op de kraamzorg erg hoog is.Vanuit die gedachte heeft Kraamzorg de Waarden Groep de afgelopen anderhalf
jaar gewerkt aan BabyManager. Een mobiele applicatie voor iOS en Android waarmee toekomstige en kersverse ouders begeleid worden tijdens deze bijzondere periode.


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Choose the right subscription for you

Baby Manager Basic

Free subscription 

  • week-by-week information
  • useful checklists per trimester
  • video call with our maternity care professionals, day and night (extra cost)
  • participate in courses and live webinars (additional cost)
BabyManager+ Informative

€ 2,99 per month

This subscription is reimbursed for three months by your health insurer. Including unlimited chat (unlimited chat is only included in the health insurance subscription). Apply now.

  • week-by-week information
  • useful checklists per phase
  • personal photobook
  • 100+ tips and facts
  • informative videos 
  • access to our BabyManager knowledge bank
  • Chatting with our maternity care professionals (additional cost)
    • Unlimited chatting is included in the health insurance subscription
  • video call with our maternity care professionals, day and night (additional cost)
  • participate in courses and live webinars (additional cost)
BabyManager+ Advice

€ 9,99 per month

Including BabyManager+ Informative

  • 1 free course or live webinar per month
  • Unlimited chat with our maternity care professionals 

What users say about BabyManager

It really usefull that you can contact maternity care professionals day and night. My 2 month old daughter wouldn't sleep because of colic. After some useful tips from Kitty, she slept like a baby.


An informative app with which we are both prepared for the arrival of our little one.

Patrick and Suzan

Het is een uitkomst dat je dag en nacht contact kan opnemen met kraamzorgprofessionals. Mijn dochtertje van 2 maanden wilde maar niet slapen vanwege krampjes. Na wat handige tips van Kitty, sliep ze als een roosje. 


Arranged through your maternity care, reimbursed by the health insurer

Receive three months of BabyManager+ Informative, including 24/7 chat, in exchange for one hour of maternity care. Reimbursed by all health insurers in the Netherlands, arranged through your maternity care organization. Apply here

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